What is Grunge & 90s Fashion? [History of Grunge Clothing]

To understand the grunge clothing culture we have to understand the origin of grunge fashion.

History of Grunge Clothing

It all started with grunge music which was influenced by the late 1980’s rock and roll, heavy-metal and especially punk music. Bands like Nirvana, Sound garden went on to become the voice of their generation as their music spoke to the youth and this connection with the youth led to several movements where they associated grunge with the notion of self expression, sadness and loneliness. This suggests that grunge culture had no particular goal or identity but despite having this image it has said to be a voice for the bored, lost and neglected. This is exactly what grunge fashion is all about. Grunge is literally outfits that are thoughtless where their look is uncoordinated but with the aesthetics. Grunge clothing items both for men and women would essentially include faded, ripped jeans layered with dirty T-shirts and long sleeved button-down shirts. All of this included would result in the clothing style to be casual and comfortable. However, it gained its popularity as a subculture when the fashion industry and the music industry was promoted by media.

Recognition and Store Presence for Grunge Fashion

Grunge was first recognized by the fashion industry in the 90’s where due to the popularity of this type of clothing, new stores opened and grunge style clothes were seen on the streets. Grunge streetwear style soon found its way into the cities on New York where boots, baseball caps, flannels and ratty shirts with outdated logos and the aspect of it being high in utility. Similarly at our store you would find T-shirts and hoodies that represent this very style statements.

Why Grunge Clothing?

The area where grunge performed really well was for the middle-class kids where it really put the 90’s style and fashion statements forward through their reused outfits, giving it a DIY approach to dress up and create your own style for your streetwear. Some similar aesthetic grunge items you can find at our store include pants, jackets and dresses tailored for men and women to give that authentic 90’s look.

What We Have In Store For You

Having gone through many ups and downs in grunge being in trend for both men and women, one thing that is for certain is that it never went extinct. Grunge clothing shops are still a place that are filled with old cardigans and jeans and even though they may be a thing of the past but as this 90’s fashion springs back up, it will make its mark once again. What better time for this comeback than now.

We at Grunge Clothing Store our online store have organized and collected the most out there and authentic pieces of grunge streetwear and clothing. Which also includes grunge accessories and tops.

How To Perfect Your Grunge Look

Having established what we have in store for you, something which is equally important is the way you should be wearing grunge. First thing to take into account and probably the most important in the case of jeans particularly is to make the wear and tear look natural. In the rock and roll days where bands like Soundgarden wore jeans that were worn out was because of the constant touring and how they only had a few pairs of jeans and jackets would naturally wear down. So make sure that the wear and tear looks genuinely worn out rather than it being just a slit. Either the dark toned jeans are acid washed or are worn to the extend that they lose their color. This culture we readily see in the hip hop culture where grunge style is being adopted by these stars as to apply a no boundary and no rules way of thinking and expressing themselves.

This authenticity is partly achieved by making your grunge outfits your own by expressing yourselves in the style you adopt. You may go for matching patches with your trainers or simply create art of your own to make that grunge piece your own style themed outfit. Another way to keep it authentic is by not overdoing it. The only way you can ruin your grunge look is by adopting all the styles in a single look. The fashion sense for grunge evolves around how you feel comfortable and that does not necessarily mean copying 20 different looks to create a single look. Now, what our store has for you is a great deal of variety in the categories mentioned above for you to select your truest grunge look.

Another tip that goes for wearing cardigans or hoodies is to try an oversize this time around rather than a slim fit one. If we talk about Kurt Cobain and his infamous cardigan auction where that look was one of his most iconic grunge looks, do not try to copy paste it onto yourself, rather discover you own style and that goes for the next combination as well. Band T-shirts and the flannel shirts. Now to go about this combination or stand alone fashion items for a grunge look you either wear the flannel shirt, buttons undone with a band T-shirt underneath. All of which is yet again available at our store under the respective categories.

Another piece are striped sweater which are like the most perfect neutral piece of grunge wear, with their comfort and their ability to slip on to anything and still look like you’ve made an effort and that too without overthinking about it. If coupled with a pair of loose or patched up jeans or even alongside a printed jacket would still hold onto its style and authenticity. Here too the rule of “The more worn out and older it is, the better it is”, both for men and women.

How Can We Help With Your Grunge Outfits

Our store will satisfy this need with an array of pants that not only fit your budget but also your personality. Now you may find these types of grunge outfits on other online stores as well and they may be relatively cheap in comparison but what needs to be assessed is the authenticity and our store provides you with the utmost quality and that too with free shipping. Not only that, other grunge clothing items have been discussed to aid with a holistic decision.

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