Sequin Feather Dress

What is a Sequin Feather Dress?

a woman wearing a white dress

A sequin feather dress is a glamorous and eye-catching piece of clothing that combines sequins and feathers to create an opulent and sparkling effect. The sequin backing material is usually adorned with large sequins that reflect the light, making it sparkle like a disco ball. The feathers are often embellished in shades of pinks, purples, blues, or black to enhance the shimmering sequins. This style of dress is perfect for special occasions such as birthday parties and proms, but can also be worn on a night out or even to a daytime event.

What Materials are They Made of?

They are typically made of artificial feathers and metallic or crystal sequins. To give the dress a more luxurious look, some designers may also use Marabou feathers with the artificial ones. The sequin material is generally a synthetic fabric that is adorned with large metallic or crystal sequins that reflect light to create an eye-catching shimmering effect.

Popular Styles

These dresses come in a variety of styles and lengths. Popular mini skirt styles are the perfect choice to show off your legs, while pencil skirts offer a more refined look. For more formal occasions, ball gowns are always an elegant option. No matter what style you choose, these dresses add an extra layer of glamour that can’t be achieved with any other type of dress.

What Look or Vibes Do They Give Off?

a woman wearing a multicolor dress

These dresses are definitely fitting for those of you who say “I was born in the wrong decade”. They are vintage inspired and give off classy vibes. The shimmering sequins, combined with the luxurious feathers make them look opulent and high-end. This style of dress takes us back to a time of black and white tv, cinematic glamour, and old school vintage style. It’s perfect for retro vibes and fashionistas who love the classic look.

Shoes to Match Your Sequin Feather Dress


Stilletos are the ideal shoes to match with a sequin feather dress. The high heels add extra height, elongate the legs and provide support for an elegant and balanced look. Choose a shoe color that compliments the colors in the dress, such as white or silver for added glamour. You can also opt for black stilettos if you want an edgier look.

Kitten Mules

Kitten mules are a popular choice for those who want easier walking and dancing. These shoes offer more support than stilettos, while also giving off a retro vibe. Look for a pair of silver, gold, or black mules that match the colors in your dress to create a cohesive look.

High Heel Boots

High heel ankle boots are a great choice to give your look a bit of edge. A pair of black or white boots will go perfectly with the sequins and feathers. Add in some press studs and buckle straps for a more grunge, modern look.

Accessories to Tie Everything Together

a woman wearing a blue dress


A belt around the waist is the perfect accessory to finish off your look. Choose a thin belt in a color that compliments your dress and add it around your waist to cinch in your silhouette. This will provide extra support and structure while also drawing attention to your curves.


Gloves are the perfect accompaniment to a vintage feather dress outfit. These would be best to wear to a formal event. Choose a pair of long satin gloves in black or white for a classic vintage look. Alternatively, you can go for more sparkly options such as beaded or sequined gloves to enhance the shimmering effect of your dress.


Earrings are a great way to accessorize your look and add an extra touch of glamour. Hoop earrings, pearl studs, or crystal encrusted earrings are all great choices that will match the shimmering sequins of the dress. For a night of dancing, look for earrings that dangle and move with you as you dance. This will bring a touch of sparkle to your look and ensure that all eyes are on you! For a formal event, pearls or diamond studs are always a timeless choice. They provide subtle elegance that won’t detract from the dress.

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