How to Dress Grunge [Soft, Bold, Hot and Dirty in 2021]

The grunge music started in the 80s, and so is the grunge look. However, as it was the 90s, there was a whole new vibe of appreciating grunge music and its style statements.

Although the grunge dressing was anti-fashion, the admires were happy to learn how to dress grunge and be like their favorite brands.

It started with wearing t-shirts bands, but soon this grunge fashion hit a new level of rebelliousness. The look was dirty and impressive. A hefty amount of thoughts were put into making the look different, and the hair color was one of the most loved and followed.

How To Dress Grunge

Besides that, the grunge look is still famous in recent years because 90s fashion trends are the most followed and always find their way back.

You have so many options to go grunge. Therefore do not rush into one style. Check out our top suggestions, and let’s find out which look you are going to rock.


The topmost grunge fashion tips are that forget anything but not make-up. Without make-up, your look will not be complete.

To be grunge, you need to go for smokey eyes and bold lips. Besides that, some of the grunge make-up inspirations were seeing two dots under their eyes.

In addition to that, the lips are colored with dark shades. For instance, you can go from chocolate brown to cherry. However, here one thing would be best and that is to avoid black color.


The hairstyles for men and women in grunge wear are somewhat similar. Nonetheless, you have to keep the hair up to chin’s or shoulder’s length.

The exciting thing about this is the colors. Yes, you are allowed to play with any color as long as it is not neon.

Remember, grunge is a dirty yet clean look, and neon doesn’t fall in this category. Men and women both die their hair and the best ones to go with are darker shades if you do not want to take risks.

Grunge Shoes

diy grunge clothesTo complement your whole grunge look, you can not just go out in your heels or old sneaks unless they are dim and flat.

Yes, grunge shoe is a blend of low-key boots and sneaker at least up to ankle’s length. Nonetheless, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

For instance, you can go for canvas, Doc Martens, creepers, or any flat-soled shoes. Be subtle when it comes to shoes, choose darker colors, and rock the look in its true meanings.

80’s Grunge

The grunge started in the ’80s, but it got the most attention in the ’90s. However, the dress code of the ’80s was super impressive.

The best one was the moms’ jeans. Women usually paired these with cropped tops. For men, it was mostly band t-shirts. Nevertheless, it was all in a loose fit.

The grunge is a messy look but sharp. Also, how can we miss that the ’80s were filled with camouflages? Not only was it cool, but it was a genuine fashion statement that is still very much appreciated.

90s Grunge

This was the decade of grunge music. There was an impressive rise in the liking of this music genre. People loved the uncensored lyrics, and they admire the honesty of the band.

With this, the love for dressing like their brand rose to a high level, and soon the fans started to wonder how to dress grunge?

It started with copying the bands, especially the frontmen. Even in 2021, this 90s trend is back, and you can totally pull it off.

For starters, you can choose metallic jackets and ripped jeans. The essence of grunge wear lies in your inner self. Be confident, edgy, and rebellious. Let the spirit shine, be it in baggy shapes or clashing designs. Check this article to dig more in the 90s grunge styles.


Hot or dirty? I leave this to you to decide as it classifies as both. It is grunge we are talking about, so we better not miss anything that is super relevant.

grunge fashion tipsLets us come back to the stockings; these can go under skirts, dresses, and shorts. More importantly, if you are bold enough, you can wear a ripped sticking and make your way to DIY grunge clothes.

Nonetheless, stockings are usually combined with dark nail shades and bold lips. Also, a low neck top will add to your look. In the 90s, headbands were very common; you can also put your hair in them for a complete look.

Soft Grunge

Do you not want to change your entire wardrobe? Do not worry; we have an idea for you. Just mix up all the stuff and make your own soft and classy grunge look.

Here grunge layering will help you the most. Since mom jeans are back, you can wear one with a white t-shirt. Put on shades, wear a cap, and ta-da, your soft grunge look is ready to hit the streets and party.

Also, if you prefer shorts, wear on with a darker shade t-shirt. Enhance the look with a choker and aesthetic jewelry.

How to dress grunge

If you do not want to spend much on it or just want to try this look, feel free and go for the following styles.

I have made sure that all the following styles are less costly and truly represent grunge.

  • Grunge is about layering. Hence you can wear a checked shirt here.
  • With shorts and denim, you can wear a crop top
  • Got some tights, wear them beneath your shorts
  • Rip-off your stockings and wear under a dress
  • Loose and boyfriend jacket turns out to be an excellent grunge look
  • Do you have lace-up boots? No, okay, a sneaker will do the trick as well
  • If you struggle to answer how to wear grunge, start with darker lip shades

There you go, you can wear any of these, mix these up, put up more layers; as long as your look is clean, rebellious, dirty, you are good to go.

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