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Grunge Dress

They are one of a kind statement pieces that pair the edge and danger of grunge with modern chic. Our long list of ranges from vintage grunge and styles that were popular in the nineties to more modern and cute grunge that many girls like to wear today. Our dresses aren’t simply dark and colorless either, making our range perfect for anyone who wants to either add a bit of grunge to their look, or go all out.

If you’re a devoted fan you’ll know that these were what gave it the appeal that drew so many girls to it. We know that grunge is very diverse, hence, we’ve made sure everyone has the chance to find something that catches their eye whether they’re into something authentic like grunge t shirt sweaters or want to try something with a modern spin.

Our Collection

Our collection of grunge outfits will show you just how diverse they can be. We have grunge baby doll dresses, from grunge floral prints to exclusive grunge black dresses you can wear to prom.

Grunge Clothing has many sub classes and is followed all over the world. It only makes sense for us to include a wide range of different options for our shoppers. We have black outfits with authentic grunge layering for the hardcore fan and we have soft and cute ones for the girl who hopes to add a bit of power to her look. We have a large collection of vintage themed dresses for the fan who’s hoping to build an authentic grunge look and we have fancy dresses for those girls who are hoping to wow their high schools with the ’90s grunge dresses.

Our collection has something for everyone, no matter what their personal style might be.


Our grunge clothing is made of the highest quality cloth and fashioned according to your personal style. As mentioned before, there aren’t grunge sub genera out there that we haven’t touched when preparing our store to represent its timeless era with a quality that will last a lifetime!

A grunge dress in every size:

There’s nothing worse than going through a catalogue, finding something you really want and not being able to buy it because the size isn’t available. The size either isn’t an option or sold out because it is an average size for most women.

Well, with us you’ll never have to worry about finding the right size again, we have all your favorite grunge dresses in every size. Our sizes range from extra small XXS all the way to to XXXL from all the classic vintage 90’s dresses to the latest modern chic looks and we can assure you that we have them in your size.

Also visit our exclusive collection of grunge pants and accessories.

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