Best grunge Bands that are still Alive [Uncensored Version]

Grunge is not just a word; it is a complete movement of the 90s. As with the 80s music, there was a need in the society to have an enhanced form of music. and it did get it.

The grunge came like a wave, and many suggested that it will not last long, well here we are in 2021, and there is still grunge music to entertain us.

Best Grunge Bands

In no time, the best grunge bands came out of the radio, music started their concert tours, and there was again the energy needed to enjoy the art of music. If you love famous grunge bands, then see if yours come on the top list or not.


Many of the 20s kids use it as an Instagram caption, without having any idea about the top grunge bands of all time Nirvana, the pop stars.

Now the shocking thing about this band is that all the members were in grunge music since the 80s, but they were unaware of its potential, which was fair considering that they didn’t have much of an opportunity.

More importantly, the song Illiteracy will prevail, the first song about shouting and hitting the cords.

When it comes to the 90s, Nirvana had this uncensored song Nevermind, which hit the industry pretty hard with all the bluntness and bitter honesty. This is how it was the best grunge bands of the 90s. It also set out the grunge fashion.

Alice in chains

A pair of two who rocked the concerts with songs about drug abuse are Alice in chains. They too started before the 90s, but they became the grunge bands 90s when they started to be more vocal-like Nirvana.

Besides that, they have been famous for albums like Drugs. As people admire how they build a story and there are twists with each new song. Ever since 1991, this band is a hardcore grunge band.

Pearl Jam

Oh, the heartthrob of the 90s and the godfather of the grunge rock, the Pearl Jam. They are famous because of the most vocal songs they ever produced; they were not shy to sing those in front of a massive crowd.

However, this grunge band’s late 80s is what people call a modern grunge band. Nonetheless, they were not afraid to put their stories in song; people still thought that the rock’s vocals and rock were a little different and more organized.

Nevertheless, Pearl Jam is third in the line of the best grunge bands because of its recognition.


The topless hunk is one of the grunge rock bands and sore high with their metal funk songs. All these songs were a mixture of tragedy and exceptional rock.

In the list of grunge bands, this is at the number four. Most of the fans of this band were girls. Again, the topless opener was a sight.

The band has seen many ups and downs as it was dissolved in 1997 and got back again in 2010. However, with the death of Cornell in 2017, the band ended.

Stone Temple Pilots

Usually, it was the target as a copy of Peral Jam. However, they themselves denied it. Because they also realize that the latter one is not entirely 80s grunge music but a modern one.

However, the start of the brand wasn’t smooth. It was one of the popular 90s grunge rock bands in Seattle, but it had to make its name outside.

Initially, it didn’t gain much recognition until its second song was more open, and people admired it.

The Melvins

It will not be wrong to say that they brought the real grunge and introduced the sludge-metal. Not just the grunge, this band introduced songs that helped the other grunge bands of the 90s, such as Nirvana.

This band is famous because of its performances, as there are some concerts on which it keeps the guitarist in focus while in some the drummers play their part to make the real grunge.

Also, it is one of those American grunge bands that still perform authentic rock music, and people love their performances.

Screaming Trees

Grunge is not just a type but a whole feeling and Screaming Trees ensured that their fans loved it. Therefore their first song, Nearly Lost You, hit the charts, and people loved the guitarists’ deep vocals.

Besides that, it is also one of the bands that are considered the pioneer of grunge music. They made sure that the whole movement is well-received; therefore, the new songs’ timely release kept impressing the fans and kept hitting the charts.

Black Sun Morning was so true to its meanings that people felt it rightly in their hearts. That is what makes them one of the best grunge bands of all time.


Another best 90s grunge band that started in the late 80s made quite a large number of fans in no time. The name was itself impressive and had a story to tell. If you recognize it was inspired by a movie released in 1965.

However, it gains much popularity for its rock genre. In addition to that, it was a band of four who weren’t afraid to sing their hearts out. Its most famous song is Touch me. I am sick.

Mad Season

As the name implies, it was a mad season of grunge as it was a mixture of the artist of different bands. As Layne Staley belongs to Alice in Chains, Mike McCready belongs to Pearl Jam, Barrett Martin was the member of Screaming Trees, and John Baker Saunders belonged to Walkabout.

Nonetheless, they started this band in 1994. This band released five albums, and the last one was in 2015. After that, the band didn’t release anything together.

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What were the biggest bands of the grunge era?

Nirvana and Pearl Jam were one of the most hit and admired bands.

What bands qualify as grunge?

To be the top grunge band, you need to have a singer with low vocals and a drummer and guitarist who is not afraid to hit the high cords and complement the bold lyrics.

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